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Subsidized Housing

Subsidized Housing

CLS’ Housing Unit assists low-income tenants living in public and subsidized housing, including PHA public housing, Section 8 voucher, Section 8 project-based, HUD, private public housing, and Tax Credit housing in the City of Philadelphia. Areas of assistance include:

• Evictions
• Termination from the Section 8 program
• Disability accommodations
• Admissions advice
• Rent Calculation and utility allowance problems
• Repair problems
• Some emergency transfers
• PHA grievance hearings
• Domestic violence and sexual assault-related housing issues
• Other Issues involving public and subsidized housing, such as adding or removing family members from a lease or re-certification issues.

What we can do: 

If you come to our office for help, please bring any documentation that is relevant to your case, including your lease, receipts, court papers, communication from your landlord or PHA/Section 8, etc.

How to get help:

Walk-in Intake

Community Legal Services
Center City Office

1424 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Temporary Fall Hours
Monday through Thursday
9:00 am - 11:00 am

Phone Intake