IMPACT: Capreece Lackey

Capreece Lackey finally got her pardon in June 2013 and her record has been expunged to a clean one, giving her a fresh start. She is looking forward to beginning her healthcare career.Below is Capreece’s story, reprinted from our FY2012 Annual Report:Capreece Lackey is striving for a career where she can help people and provide for her family in a meaningful way. Clean and sober for 13 years, Ms. Lackey has a goal of becoming a Certified Nurse’s Assistant someday.

Reporting Expunged or Sealed Cases in Commercial Background Checks Violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (the FCRA) governs the accuracy of criminal background checks prepared by commercial screeners.  While there is not much case law holding that the FCRA prohibits commercial screeners from reporting expunged or sealed cases, there is little doubt that it does. Two FCRA provisions apply: Commercial screeners must use “reasonable procedures”…