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Neighbor Disputes

Neighbor Disputes

Neighbor disputes can be incredibly difficult to resolve through the traditional legal process.  CLS does not ordinarily provide assistance with neighbor disputes.  We recommend mediation to resolve these problems.  Because of the on-going nature of the relationship, we recommend that people work to resolve the tensions and come to agreement.  Mediation is professionally guided dispute resolution.  It is voluntary, and the mediator works to help the people reach an agreement.  Good Shepherd provides mediation services on a sliding scale based on income.
The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations also provides mediation.

If the dispute involves a zoning code or building code violation or other public safety concern, you can contact the City License and Inspection unit.  They issue citations to address code violations.  For severe building problems, L&I may take further actions.

How to get help:

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We generally do not assist with Neighbor Disputes.
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