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Wage Claims

Wage Claims

Employers violate wage laws in a number of different ways.   Some unlawfully deduct wages, misclassify workers so that the proper payroll taxes are not withheld, pay workers less than they are legally entitled to (less than minimum wage or no pay for overtime) or flat-out fail to pay wages at all, especially when a job is ending.  Wage laws in Pennsylvania are taken very seriously by the courts.  If an employer is found guilty of violating wage laws, the worker may be entitled to extra compensation as a penalty.

What we can do: 

CLS assists victims of wage theft by advocating on behalf of workers with their employers, intervening with the appropriate state or federal agencies, and bringing lawsuits when necessary to recoup the lost wages.  We encourage all workers to keep regular records of their hours worked and wages earned, as well as copies of all documentation relating to their employment in the event that a wage issue arises in the future.

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