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Student Loans

Student Loans

Many students obtain loans to pay for college or vocational school.  Sometimes parents or other family members also get loans (or co-sign for loans) to help a student pay for school. The loans might be from the government (federal or state) or from a private lender.  

We offer a range of services to student loan borrowers.  For instance, we can help student loan borrowers who are having trouble paying back their loans, who are facing garnishment of wages or government benefits, or who have a dispute with their lender or loan servicer.

Federal Loans
There are many flexible repayment options for federal student loans.  We help federal loan borrowers determine the status of their loans, and then assist as they get out of delinquency or default and into affordable repayment plans.  In certain cases, we can also assist with seeking a discharge or cancellation of federal student loans.

Private Loans
Private lenders get to set the terms of their loans and some have more flexible repayment options than others.  We can help private student loan borrowers determine the status of their loans and apply for affordable repayment options.  We may also provide representation if a borrower is sued by a private lender.

Tuition Debt
If you owe your school money, that is a tuition debt, not a student loan.  You might find yourself in this position if you left school in the middle of a term or if your financial aid (grants or scholarships) was reversed for some reason.  If you owe money to your school because of unpaid tuition or fees, the school may try to collect that money.  You may receive letters or phone calls from the school directly or from a debt collection agency.  Ultimately, the school may file a lawsuit to recover the money.  

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