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Rent to Own Resources

Rent to Own Resources

General background/historical articles and reports:

•      "The American Dream or Just an Illusion?  Understanding Land Contract Trends in the Midwest Pre- and Post-Crisis."  August 2019 Harvard study showing rent to own transactions are concentrated in neighborhoods with lower incomes and higher shares of non-white residents.  

•      "Toxic Transactions:  How Land Installment Contracts Once Again Threaten Communities of Color."  July 2016 report on national problems with rent to own, by the National Consumer Law Center.  

•       "The Case for Reparations" by Ta-Nehisis Coates, The Atlantic June 2014. Article on the history of rent to own in African American communities and the reemergence of rent to own since 2009.

•       “One legacy of the housing crisis: risky rent-to-own deals”  by Amy Scott, NPR  July 2018

•      "Law Center Calls Seller-Financed Home Sales 'Toxic Transactions'" by Alexandra Stevenson and Matthew Goldstein, New York Times July 2016

•      "The Racist Roots of a Way to Sell Homes" by Editorial Board, New York Times April 2016