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We Stand With Our Clients and Our Community

We Stand With Our Clients and Our Community

Community Legal Services is taking action.

This is an extremely challenging time for our vulnerable clients and our community. CLS is mobilizing to fight for our clients and for the laws, policies and programs that are essential to them.

Many of our clients, and many of our staff, are immigrants or children of immigrants. We are concerned about the security of their families, and we want to let them know that we are here for them. We stand in solidarity with our clients and our entire community, including immigrants, refugees, people of color, women, Muslims, LGBTQ people, people living in poverty, and others who have been marginalized. We will never abandon our clients or the values which they represent.

The impact of lawyers working in the public interest has never been clearer.

CLS is working on multiple fronts to protect the rights and safety of those who need us, and to plan for what's ahead.  We are fighting to preserve the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and robust federal funding for Pennsylvania's critically important Medicaid program, so that 1.1 million Pennsylvanians who rely on Medicaid will not lose their health insurance. We are helping immigrants meet their basic needs without the fear of being deported, by strategically advocating to maintain their access to public benefits. We are fighting fraud and scams by advocating for the continued existence of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  We are gearing up to preserve the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program for children, a program that will likely come under attack although it helps 60,000 Pennsylvania children with disabilities avoid institutionalization, homelessness, or other harms.

As other issues will emerge, we will use our skills, knowledge, expertise, and resources to protect vulnerable people and to stand up for justice.

This is a time to take action, to form new partnerships, and to be creative in finding solutions where we can. That's why we need your support. Please help us advocate for what's right and push back against policies that will harm our community by making a gift at

CLS has had a major impact on law and policy both locally and nationally for decades. With your help, some of the powerful, time-tested strategies we will use in the coming years include:

Taking our fight to the courts

Where new policies and laws that harm our clients are unconstitutional or illegal, we will challenge them in court. CLS is one of the most respected and effective legal services programs in the country. We have won cases at all levels, including at the U.S. Supreme Court, using creative legal strategies in individual and class action litigation.

Shining a light on the truth and empowering our community to speak out

When efforts to dismantle the safety net and curtail civil rights rely on misinformation, CLS will be there to help set the record straight. We have legal expertise and 50 years of representing clients on our side. As more and more people in our community speak out against harm, we will use our sophisticated policy analysis to help people understand what's at stake, so they can be empowered in their fight. From developing fact sheets and reports on key issues, to analyzing the latest policy developments, to making sure that people in poverty do not go ignored, CLS will fight for the truth and help lift up the voice of our community.

Developing and strengthening our alliances

Collaboration is a vital component of advocacy, and CLS is proud of the relationships we have built. We are working to develop new alliances and strengthen our current partnerships, fighting in solidarity with other advocates. CLS plays a unique role in our partnerships, providing legal and technical support to coalitions and other organizations. We will respond to other threats in the coming years by developing strategic alliances and supporting people who are fighting for justice.

Local advocacy to improve our community

In this challenging time, it is important to focus on the ways we can have an impact, and to fight to gain ground. We can't lose sight of the ways that we can make a difference here at the state and local level. Right now, we are working to build a stronger City, furthering fair housing initiatives, making the property tax collection system fairer for our clients, improving access to home and community based services for elders and people with disabilities, and protecting workers from discrimination and exploitation.

As we continue in the fight for justice, we thank you for your support.


Debby Freedman
Executive Director
Community Legal Services of Philadelphia