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Tell DHS to Improve LIHEAP on July 5!


Tell DHS to Improve LIHEAP on July 5!

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Service will be holding a Public Hearing on the LIHEAP 2019 Proposed State Plan on Thursday, July 5 from 10am to noon at the Free Library Montgomery Auditorium, 1901 Vine Street in Philadelphia. Please come and make your voice heard!

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides one-time grants to help people afford heating bills, prevent loss of heat, or get heat restored. LIHEAP helped more than 345,000 Pennsylvania families afford heat last LIHEAP season alone. Most were families with seniors, very young children, or people with disabilities.

Come to the public hearing to let DHS know how important LIHEAP is and how DHS can improve LIHEAP! Share your story or use the sample talking points:

  •  DHS should spend all LIHEAP funds. Past LIHEAP seasons have closed with tens of millions of dollars left unspent, leaving unmet the needs of thousands of low-income families. DHS must spend all resources available to better meet the aim of LIHEAP in assisting low-income families meet their home heating needs.
  • DHS should increase grant amounts. Low-income families in Pennsylvania spend too much of their monthly budget on energy costs. DHS must increase LIHEAP grant amounts and issue in-season supplemental grants to help low-income families in the face of such an enormous burden.
  • DHS should make it easier to apply for LIHEAP. People who are eligible for public benefits and who pay for home energy are almost always eligible for LIHEAP as well. DHS should combine the application processes, so that there is not an entirely separate application for LIHEAP.

If you want more information about how to participate in or speak at this important hearing, please contact Lydia Gottesfeld at 215-981-3707 or

Click here to download a flyer for this event.