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Raise Your Voice: Speak Up to Save Pennsylvania Medicaid!

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Raise Your Voice: Speak Up to Save Pennsylvania Medicaid!

In the coming weeks, Congress will decide if it will end Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. It will also consider imposing per capita caps on Medicaid funding or converting Medicaid to a block grant.

Tell your U.S. Senators that you support Medicaid expansion and oppose proposals to impose per capita caps on Medicaid funding or convert Medicaid to a block grant!


  • Senator Pat Toomey (202) 224-4254 or (855) 552-1831
  • Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (202) 224-6324 or (866) 461-9159

Here’s what you can say when you call:

I am calling today because I support Medicaid.   It’s important to keep Medicaid expansion in place, to protect the 700,000 Pennsylvanians who rely on it to get and stay healthy.

I oppose federal proposals to restructure Medicaid funding with per capita caps or block grants.  Both proposals would lead to huge funding cuts for Pennsylvania. 

The proposals would not give Pennsylvania the right kind of flexibility to run its Medicaid program.  Instead, they would create a huge hole in Pennsylvania’s state budget, and they would force Pennsylvania to cut Medicaid benefits or limit enrollment.

As a Pennsylvania voter and taxpayer, I ask you to protect federal funding for Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program.                                                

Here is some more information about Medicaid expansion and block grant proposals:

Pennsylvania’s Medicaid expansion has been an enormous success.

  • Pennsylvania expanded Medicaid in 2015.  Medicaid expansion covers working Pennsylvanians who were uninsured because they did not qualify for Medicaid under pre-2015 rules, do not have coverage through their jobs, and cannot afford to buy coverage on their own.
  • In 2017, Medicaid expansion enrollment reached 700,000 Pennsylvanians.  Enrolling in Medicaid expansion helps people to get healthy and stay healthy, because they have coverage for “essential benefits” like preventive care, prescription drugs, and hospital stays.
  • Medicaid expansion also helps taxpayers and the economy.  It has saved more than $500 million in state funds by shifting people from state funded coverage.  It supports hospitals by allowing them to spend less on charity care.   It creates health care and social services jobs.

Restructuring Medicaid funding with per capita caps or block grants would hurt Pennsylvania.

  • Through both per capita caps and block grants, the federal government uses formulas to make set payments to states.  Funding increases are capped at low rates.  Both proposals are designed to save federal dollars, by giving states less federal funding than they would receive under current program rules.
  • Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program already keeps costs as low as possible.  Per capita caps and block grants, with their severe cuts in federal funding, would force Pennsylvania to cut benefits or make eligibility rules stricter.
  • Supporters argue that both proposals would give states more flexibility in running their Medicaid programs, allowing them to innovate.  These proposals would only give Pennsylvania one type of flexibility:  the “flexibility” to cut benefits or limit enrollment, in response to less federal funding.

Speak up for Pennsylvania Medicaid!

Tell your U.S. Senators: 

  • Keep Medicaid expansion; and
  • No Medicaid per capita caps or block grants.

Click here to download this article as a PDF flyer.