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Put a Stop to SNAP Attacks

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Put a Stop to SNAP Attacks

State legislators have proposed a dangerous bill (H.B. 1659) that would demonize poor families and cut off their access to help with basic needs.

We need your help to stop it in its tracks.  

Organizations should sign onto this letter to tell the General Assembly to protect SNAP.

 Letter text here. Sign on Here.

Individuals should tell PA House members to vote No on H.B.1659.

Take Action Here

One in seven Pennsylvanians currently use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to help buy the food they need to survive and feed their families.

The average monthly SNAP benefit totals just $120 per person. This is just $1.34 per meal.

SNAP helps keep food on the table for thousands of low-wage and part-time workers who can’t find steady employment, veterans, people who are homeless, and people struggling with addictions, in addition to children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

House Bill 1659 would prohibit waivers to the SNAP time limit and impose mandatory work requirements for all able-bodied SNAP recipients, except single parents of children under 12. Non-working adults would be sanctioned. Searching for a job would not count.

Time limits and mandatory work requirements sound reasonable … until you know the facts.

* Taking away food assistance will not create work opportunities in areas currently lacking jobs.

* Taking away food assistance will not increase hours for part-time workers who would gladly work more hours.

* Taking away food assistance will not expand access to education or skills training opportunities for low-wage workers to advance to positions with better pay and benefits.

* Taking away food assistance will not address the barriers to work that some individuals face.

* Taking away food assistance will harm health – and lead to greater health care costs.

Proponents of this measure are trying to advance it with bogus claims that SNAP keeps Americans from working. And that mandatory work requirements will save taxpayer money.

They’re wrong on both accounts.

This bill won’t save any state money but instead will cost state taxpayers millions.

Imposing time limits or sanctions on needy Pennsylvanians means these individuals will lose federal SNAP dollars that otherwise would be spent in local supermarkets and farmer’s markets.

Learn more about why HB 1659 is so harmful.