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Philadelphia City Council Passes Resolution to Preserve Homeownership

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Philadelphia City Council Passes Resolution to Preserve Homeownership

Today, Philadelphia City Council passed Resolution No. 160106, calling on the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to reform their programs for the sale of distressed mortgage notes in order to better protect homeowners from foreclosure and facilitate community redevelopment.

Community Legal Services commends City Council for passing Resolution No. 160106 and for their commitment to supporting the rights of low-income and minority homeowners.

CLS attorney Rachel Labush testified in support of the resolution, which has a goal of preventing mortgage servicers from rushing to foreclosure before giving homeowners a fair chance to save their homes.

Said Labush, “CLS is deeply appreciative of City Council’s effort to preserve homes and prevent the neighborhood blight that stems from foreclosure. National agencies must take a stronger stance to protect homeowners and ensure that mortgage servicers play by the rules. Our clients and others have the ability to make payments and save their homes, if only their mortgage company will work with them. This resolution is an important step towards ensuring fairness for homeowners.”

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