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PECO’S Proposed Prepaid Meter Program is Dangerous and Unnecessary!


PECO’S Proposed Prepaid Meter Program is Dangerous and Unnecessary!

Come SPEAK OUT About PECO’s Prepaid Electric Meter Plan                                      


Center City
April 24, 10am - 12pm
The Betsy Ross Room
801 Market Street
(enter on 8th Street)
6th Floor, Suite 6069  
Philadelphia, PA  19107

West Philadelphia
April 24, 6pm - 8pm
The Grand Ballroom
First District Plaza    Conference Center
3801 Market Street,
Third Floor
Philadelphia, PA  19104

What is PECO's Prepaid Meter Pilot Program?

  • PECO has proposed to offer electric service through prepaid meters, similar to prepaid cell phones. Prepaid meter programs are also known as advance payments programs.
  • It is a "pilot" program only available to 2,000 customers.
  • Under the program, customers would load payment to their PECO account before usage.
  • When the payment runs out, customers must load more money onto their account or service will be shut off.
  • This program would not be available to low-income customers (customers with income below 150% FPL).

Why is the Prepaid Meter Pilot bad for customers?

  • Customers with prepaid service will lose access to important protections, including:
    • Medical certifications
    • 10-day paper termination notice
    • Winter moratorium on shut off
    • Affordable payment agreements
  • The pilot program will only be available to customers who volunteer, but it will likely lead to a larger scale PECO program and similar programs across the state.
  • Prepaid meter programs are known to attract vulnerable and payment-troubled customers.
  • These customers will be harmed most by losing customer protections.

Testifying at the Hearing

Anyone can testify at the hearing. PECO and other parties will have the opportunity to ask you questions after you testify.  You can use these sample talking points to prepare your statement.

Sample Talking Points

  • PECO’s prepaid meter program is bad for customers because it forces customers to give up important protections.
  • I may not choose to participate myself, but am concerned for my community members who have trouble paying their bills in full every month and could be attracted to this plan.
  • Electric service is already unaffordable for struggling families. Vulnerable PECO customers need affordable bills and payment assistance, not dangerous prepaid meter service.  
  • This program will put vulnerable customers at risk because it will allow for more winter shut offs, provide limited payment arrangements, and make it harder to access medical certifications.

Come speak out - don't let PECO take away important consumer rights!

If you want more information about how to participate in or speak at these important hearings, please call:

CLS Energy Unit at 215-981-3755

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