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Partnership Spotlight: Ed Hayes

Homeownership and Consumer

Partnership Spotlight: Ed Hayes

Many homeowners anticipate the relief that comes with making their final mortgage payment. This should have been Ms. T’s experience, but instead of relief, she got foreclosure papers. Ms. T had CLS on her side to sort through the complexities of her case, and fortunately, CLS had the help of Ed Hayes, an experienced title insurance attorney at Fox Rothschild. Ed provided CLS’s Homeownership and Consumer Rights Unit with integral assistance and co-counseling in this difficult quiet title case. As a result of Ed’s knowledge and skill, Ms. T was able to save her home from foreclosure. 

Ms. T, an immigrant, was excited to buy her first house in 2013. She purchased the property from an acquaintance and was shocked to find foreclosure papers in her mailbox after completing her mortgage payments in 2015. CLS attorney Peter Schneider defended Ms. T in the foreclosure suit. He discovered that the house had changed ownership several times over the years, and that a prior owner had a mortgage funded by a real estate investment corporation called L. Corp—the foreclosure plaintiff in Ms. T’s suit. Peter determined that the original mortgage had been paid to a company closely associated with L. Corp., but L. Corp claimed they had never received the payoff. Despite that her own mortgage was also paid off, Ms. T was facing foreclosure because she had not purchased expensive title insurance to protect her in these types of disputes. She never imagined she would need it. Ms. T’s foreclosure suit was dismissed, but our work was not finished. CLS then brought an action to declare the L. Corp. mortgage satisfied so that Ms. T could live without any future threat of losing her home. We could not have done so without Ed’s expertise.

Ed was familiar with L. Corp., having recently won a long and difficult battle for his client who was in a similar situation with L. Corp. He readily agreed to co-counsel Ms. T’s case with CLS. Through extensive discovery and analysis in his case, Ed knew all the ins and outs of the complicated financial relationships involved and was ready and able to prove that the previous mortgage had been satisfied. He used his clout with opposing counsel, based on his hard-earned victory in his previous case, to get Ms. T’s case settled virtually immediately after entering his appearance. Because of Ed’s outstanding support, the team achieved a complete victory for Ms. T: ownership of her home, free and clear of the L. Corp. mortgage.