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A Major Step Forward for Struggling Homeowners

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A Major Step Forward for Struggling Homeowners

This week, City Council stepped up to help vulnerable homeowners in Philadelphia who are struggling with delinquent property taxes or facing a tax foreclosure.  City Council President Darrell Clarke introduced a bill which takes two important steps to help low-income homeowners preserve their homes.   First, the bill creates a “Property Tax Foreclosure Diversion Program, similar to Philadelphia’s well-known mortgage foreclosure diversion program.  A tax diversion program would refer homeowners to legal service agencies and housing counselors in order to help homeowners resolve their real estate tax delinquencies and avoid the time, cost and anxiety of caused by a foreclosure.  Second, the bill also creates a tax deferral program, which would allow the most vulnerable homeowners – those living in deep poverty, veterans, the elderly and the disabled – to defer payment of all or part of their property taxes until they die or the property is sold.

This is major step forward to help low-income homeowners and we look forward to working with City Council on this bill. To read the full announcement from Council President Clarke's office, click here.