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CLS Opposes PECO's Pre-Paid Meter Pilot Proposal


CLS Opposes PECO's Pre-Paid Meter Pilot Proposal

CLS's Energy Unit and other consumer advocates strongly oppose PECO's controversial pre-paid meter pilot proposal. PECO’s proposal would make pre-paid utility service available to residential consumers in Pennsylvania for the first time. As opposed to traditional service, Prepay customers would pay amounts in advance of consumption, similar to prepaid cellphones. When a customer ran out of money in their account, their electric service would be discontinued automatically.  PECO's proposal seriously undermines consumer protections, including protection from termination in the cold winter months and advance notice of termination. PECO’s proposal similarly poses a threat to the health and safety of households in PECO's service territory. In addition, PECO's proposal is vague and does not adequately consider whether the proposal is in the public interest and/or is consistent with state and federal law. 

CLS is encouraging individuals and groups to submit letters and/or comments opposing the proposal.

Comments to PECO's proposal are due to the Commission by December 15, 2016 and should be sent to:

Pennsylvania PUC
Commonwealth Keystone Building - 2nd Floor
400 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120