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CLS Blog: Urge Governor Wolf to Veto SB 6

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CLS Blog: Urge Governor Wolf to Veto SB 6

The General Assembly passed SB 6, and it is now in Governor Wolf’s hands. This bill makes a number of changes to food stamps and cash assistance eligibility to reduce access to benefits. Governor Wolf has until October 28 to decide whether to sign the bill.

Please urge Governor Wolf to veto SB 6, which harms low-income families, survivors of domestic violence, and women in recovery from addiction.

SB 6 includes a $100 replacement fee the second time a person loses their EBT card--the card used for food stamps and cash assistance. Families who do not have enough money to buy groceries cannot afford to pay this exorbitant fee. The fee applies even if the card is stolen.

SB 6 repeals a bipartisan reform from 2003, and imposes new rules on women with drug convictions who are rebuilding their lives in recovery. It will make certain women ineligible for TANF or GA cash assistance for ten years after a second drug conviction, and require those with a single drug conviction to submit to ten years of drug testing. If an individual fails two drug tests, even if she continues in treatment, SB 6 imposes a ten-year ban on cash assistance.

SB 6 is wholly inconsistent with the Wolf Administration’s comprehensive efforts to address the opioid crisis and provide wraparound services to people in recovery, including those reentering society from the criminal justice system.

You can contact the Governor by phone at 717-787-2500 or by fax at 717-772-8284 or online at