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CLS Blog: 16,000 Homes Saved

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CLS Blog: 16,000 Homes Saved

CLS and the City: Helping save one home at a time adds up!

The Philadelphia Dept. of Revenue issued its annual report this week, showing that the City’s Owner-Occupied Tax Payment Agreement program (OOPA) has helped over 16,000 homeowners preserve their homes while paying their property taxes.  The program allows homeowners to make reasonable monthly payments, based on their income, on delinquent property taxes they may owe. This helps families avoid the threat of a tax foreclosure while allowing the City to collect the revenue it needs.

CLS, City Council and the Dept. of Revenue spent a year and half designing and implementing the OOPA payment plan program in 2012.  The new report shows that from the program’s start in October of 2013 through December of 2017, a total of 16,361 households have either successfully completed a OOPA payment plan or are currently in an agreement. The report also shows that 3,643 of those same taxpayers were also newly enrolled in the City Homestead Exemption in 2017 – helping to reduce their annual tax bills by about $400 each year.