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Get a Clean Slate!


Get a Clean Slate!

Volunteer Attorneys Needed to Assist with Clean Slate Record Clearing Project. Click here to get involved!




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Do You Have a Criminal Record that Might Be Sealed Under Pennsylvania’s New Clean Slate Law?

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Clean Slate permits many criminal cases in PA to be sealed – taken out of public view, so they cannot be used by employers, landlords and others. 

Between June 2019 and July 2020, sealing will be done automatically for some cases.  For others, a petition must be filed with the court.  Or you can file a petition before automated sealing starts.

Starting in January, volunteer lawyers will be available to screen your Pennsylvania record for FREE and tell you:

  • What is on your record in Pennsylvania;
  • Whether it can be expunged or sealed;
  • Where you might get help clearing your record.

To get your record screened,* provide your name (and any other names you have used), date of birth, and contact information.  This service will be confidential.

* This service will NOT provide you with legal representation to clear your record.  You may not need help if you qualify for automated sealing.

Cases that may be sealed include:

  • Cases in which you were not convicted;
  • Summary convictions (like shoplifting or disorderly conduct) after 10 years;
  • Many misdemeanor convictions after 10 years without further conviction.

In order to seal your criminal record, you must pay all fines and costs first.

This screening service is a project of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and Community Legal Services, Inc.