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Media Roundup: DPW's Health Reform Plan

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Media Roundup: DPW's Health Reform Plan

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(Updated January 2015) The following is a selection of articles about DPW's health reform plan, "Healthy PA."

Corbett Medicaid expansion encounters more flak

David Wenner, PennLive; January 14, 2015

Second lawsuit challenges aspects of Corbett's Medicaid plan

Associated Press; January 12, 2015

Pa. Medicaid overhaul catches legal fire yet again

Elana Gordon, Newsworks WHYY; January 9, 2015

Philadelphia group files second lawsuit over Corbett's Medicaid overhaul

Daniel Simmons-Ritchie, PennLive; January 9, 2015

Pennsylvania Sued Over Health Care Changes

Dan McQuade, Philadelphia Magazine; December 24, 2014

Lawsuit challenges changes to Healthy Pennsylvania

Karen Langley, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; December 23, 2014

Lawsuit Filed Over Governor Corbett's Overhaul of Medicaid

Cherri Gregg, KYW; December 23, 2014

Lawsuit against Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett's Medicaid program overhaul say it could hurt poor

Marc Levy, The Associated Press; December 22, 2014

In lawsuit, groups claims Corbett's Medicaid changes cut benefits to 200,000

Daniel-Simmons Ritchie, Penn Live; December 22, 2014

Lawsuit filed over Corbett's Medicaid overhaul

Ben Allen, WITF; December 22, 2014

Pennsylvania faces suit over Medicaid cuts

Sarah Wheaton, Policito Pro (subscription required); December 22, 2014

Medicaid enrollees in Pa. could see benefit cuts

Mary Wilson, Newsworks WHYY; September 3, 2014

DN Editorial: Corbett's health-care compromise is somewhat healthier

Philadelphia Daily News; September 3, 2014

PA finally gets some version of expanded Medicaid: Editorial

PennLive Editorial Board, PennLive; August 31, 2014

Delving into details of Corbett's Healthy PA plan and Reporter's Rountable

Taunya English, Newsworks WHYY; August 30, 2014

Feds Approve Pennsylvania's Medicaid 'Expansion,' But Concerns Remain

Tara Murtha, RH Reality Check; August 29, 2014

Federal regulators approve Gov. Corbett's 'Healthy PA' Medicaid overhaul

Kate Giammarise, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; August 29, 2014

Pennsylvania to expand Medicaid, but with strings attached

Virgil Dickson, Modern Healthcare; August 29, 2014

Advocates View Medicaid Expansion Alternative With Guarded Optimism

Erika Beras, 90.5 WESA; August 29, 2014

Pennsylvania Medicaid could change without Corbett

Marc Levy, Associated Press; August 29, 2014

Pennsylvania's Medicaid expansion alternative approved (requires subscription)

Sarah Wheaton, Politico; August 28, 2014

Coalition Urges Pennsylvania Lawmakers to Expand Medicaid to Solve Budget Crisis

Tara Murtha, RH Reality Check; June 9, 2014

Corbett Medicaid Plan Puts Pennsylvanians at Breaking Point Over Cuts and Delays

Antionette Kraus, Philadelphia Inquirer; April 16, 2014

Corbett plan will test federal agency on Medicaid

Marc Levy, AP; April 13, 2014

Comments on Corbett insurance plan mostly negative

Don Sapatkin, Philadelphia Inquirer; April 13, 2014

Governor's aide optimistic about Medicaid plan talks

Marc Levy, AP; April 12, 2014

Corbett Administration’s Alternative Plan to Medicaid Expansion Now Under Federal Review

Alex Vuocolo, Generocity; April 3, 2014

Will work for Medicaid?

Healthy or Unhealthy PA? Advocates Weigh in on Gov. Corbett’s Plan to Reform Medicaid in Pennsylvania

Shannon Mace Heller, Public Health, Esq.; January 13, 2014

Detractors outnumber supporters at HealthyPA hearing

John George, Philadelphia Business Journal; January 3, 2014

Don’t Call Pennsylvania’s Proposed Medicaid Plan an ‘Expansion’

Tara Murtha, RH Reality Check; January 3, 2014

Medicaid hearing draws critics of Corbett plan

Elana Gordon, NewsWorks WHYY;  January 3, 2014

Corbett’s Medicaid Expansion Plan Gets Mixed Reception at Phila. Hearings

Cherri Gregg, KYW Newsradio; January 3, 2014

Health experts on Pa. plan: Any premium too high for poor

Don Sapatkin, Philadelphia Inquirer; December 20, 2013

DN Editorial: Corbett's Medicaid proposal is an unhealthy plan

Daily News; December 19, 2013

Pennsylvania isn't serious about expanding Medicaid. How do we know?

Michael Hiltzik, LA Times; December 14, 2013