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CLS Opposes SB6

Public Benefits

CLS Opposes SB6

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The following letter was sent to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on October 8, 2018 by CLS attorney Maria Pulzetti.

Dear Representative,

Please vote no on SB 6, which harms families, and is on the House calendar for tomorrow, Tuesday, October 9. SB 6 is redundant, causes unnecessary red tape, and will particularly harm women recovering from addictions and victims of domestic violence. Moreover, limiting eligibility for the public assistance programs targeted by this bill – in particular food stamps and TANF – will result in fewer federal dollars being spent directly in local communities.

SB 6 would charge families $100 for a second replacement EBT card. The federal government has already addressed the issue of excessive EBT card replacements. Families who are struggling to make ends meet cannot possibly afford to pay $100 for a replacement EBT card.

The bill also rolls back sensible bipartisan reforms enacted in Act 44 of 2003, opting Pennsylvania out of a lifetime TANF ban for women with certain drug convictions. SB 6 imposes a ten year ban on benefits, and penalizes women in treatment who test positive twice, despite the fact that relapse is part of the recovery process.

SB 6 will not make Pennsylvanians safer.  While it has a duplicative provision that bars sex offenders from receiving public benefits if they are out of compliance with registry requirements, this is already codified in existing law.

SB 6 would also impose massive administrative burdens on the County Assistance Offices, requiring them to assess the fair-market value of every recipient’s vehicle. There is no evidence that individuals on public assistance are driving high value vehicles, and there is a big difference between the limited equity an individual may have in a vehicle and fair market value.

Attached are flyers with more information about how SB 6 would harm Pennsylvania families. Please vote against SB 6.


Maria Pulzetti


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