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CLS Conference on Creating Opportunity Through Criminal Record Clearing


CLS Conference on Creating Opportunity Through Criminal Record Clearing

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As part of the Clean Slate Clearinghouse, Community Legal Services put on a one day conference at NLADA's Equal Justice Conference in San Diego in May 2018.  The conference, titled "Creating Opportunity Through Criminal Record Clearing" presented on a nuts and bolts approach to starting and growing record-clearing projects and clinics; using technology to increase efficiencies; record-clearing for youth and immigrants; obtaining and maximizing funding of and communications about record-clearing work; spotting and addressing employment law issues presented by criminal records; and illustrating the Clean Slate model of automatic sealing

We are grateful to the Clean Slate Clearinghouse and the Council of State Governments Justice Center for their support of this work, which has been made possible by funding from the U.S. Department of Labor in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice. Materials from the conference are below.

Conference Program

Let’s get started: The case for providing record-clearing representation, the lifecycle of a criminal case from arrest through expungement; “desistance” research; and other background you need to know

Let's Get Started Overview Presentation

Ants Under the Refrigerator? Removing Expunged Cases from Commercial Background Checks

CAP-NELP Re-Entry Research Roundup

Starting and growing record-clearing projects and clinics: using technology to increase efficiencies

Clinics and Technology Overview Presentation

CLS Clinic in a Box

Advancing your work through federal funding

Federal Funding Overview Presentation

Other funding ideas and communications about record-clearing work

Other Funding Overview Presentation

2017 PLAN Agreement with DHS for Expungement Project

PLAN Rider 2A Work Statement

PLAN Rider 3A Budget

Record-clearing for youth and other vulnerable populations

Record-Clearing for Youth and Other Vulnerable Populations Overview Presentation

Clearing Criminal Records for Immigrant Clients

Graphic: Juvenile Records Confidentiality Scores by State

Graphic: Juvenile Records Expungement Scores by State

Graphic: Juvenile Records Confidentiality and Expungement Scores (combined) by State

Spotting and addressing employment law issues presented by criminal records

Employment Rights Overview Presentation

Highlights of EEOC's New Criminal Record Guidance, 2012

FCRA as Applied to Criminal Records

Clean Slate model of automatic sealing; coalition building to support expungement

Clean Slate Overview Presentation 

Clean Slate Bill Comparison - PA House vs. PA Senate

Text of PA HB 1419 as Passed by the PA House

Clean Slate Toolkit