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Consumer Scams and Notarios

Consumer Scams and Notarios

If you’ve been the victim of a consumer scam or fraud, it is important to take prompt action to report the scam to the authorities and protect yourself from further harm. We can provide legal information and advice on how to report the scam, how to protect yourself from identity theft, and how to protect your bank accounts.  In limited situations, we may provide more extensive services.

Notarios are non-lawyers who offer immigration assistance, often at very high costs to their clients.  It is illegal for a non-lawyer to help you fill out and file immigration paperwork unless that person works for the government or a non-profit organization.  Do not trust anyone who promises expedited processing due to "government connections," a 100% guarantee of relief, or special relief that you have never heard of before.  Ask to see the notario’s credentials before paying any money to them.

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