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Many individuals become vested in pensions through their unions or their employers during the course of their employment.  The money from most pensions cannot be distributed until the individual reaches a certain age (usually at least 62), although in some cases people are entitled under their insurance policies to early retirement or disability retirement.  Some people may be entitled to pensions accumulated by their late spouses or even their ex-spouses.

What we can do: 

CLS may be able to help you figure out whether you are entitled to a pension, how much it is worth and whether you can start to collect it.  We can also help you with the process of collecting the pension, which is often complicated.  If the employer is no longer in business, CLS may be able to assist you in tracking down the lost pension through governmental agencies or unions.  CLS may also be able to help you apply for and prove entitlement to a late or former spouse’s pension.

How to get help:

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