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Law enforcement authorities can take property from people who are suspected of being involved in illegal activity.  Any property can be taken:  Money, cars, houses.  Law enforcement authorities can take the property first, then file a lawsuit to try to confirm that the property does not have to be returned.

What we can do: 

CLS will give advice and referrals to people whose homes have been taken by civil forfeiture.  CLS does not provide representation for forfeitures.

The website for the Philadelphia Courts has information about the process of civil forfeiture.  Find “Office of Civil Administration/Civil Motions Program” and start with the heading “Forfeiture and Return of Property Program”

How to get help:

Walk-in Intake

Community Legal Services
North Philadelphia Law Center

1410 West Erie Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:00 am -12:00 pm