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Current Volunteer Opportunities

CLS is currently looking for volunteer attorneys to assist with screening candidates for automatic criminal record sealing under the new Pennsylvania Clean Slate Legislation. Please click here to find out more about volunteering.

CLS is not currently looking for volunteers in any other capacity.

Why Volunteer (or intern) at CLS?

Volunteers at CLS gain invaluable experience by contributing to and sharing in CLS’s important mission of addressing systemic issues of poverty while also directly serving clients with excellence and a passion for justice.  Volunteers are an integral part of an organization like CLS where there is always such high need but often not enough resources to serve all clients.  As a volunteer at CLS you will have the opportunity to work directly with clients on their legal issues, you will have the chance to engage our community in education and advocacy relevant to CLS’s work, but most importantly you will be part of an organization that is nationally recognized as one of the best in the country for policy and systemic advocacy.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept non-law student interns or volunteers?
    • Yes! We accept high school, undergraduate, paralegal, social worker, and other professional interns. There are various ways that interns and volunteers can contribute to the CLS mission.
  • Do you accept non-legal interns, or volunteers?
    • Yes! We do accept interns for our Development, IT, and Administrative Departments.
  • How do I apply to volunteer at CLS?
    • CLS is not currently accepting applications for volunteers, except as listed above under "Current Volunteer Opportunities". Please check back later for additional opportunities.
  • How are interns and volunteers assigned to a legal unit at CLS?
    • CLS has 8 substantive legal units. If you express interest in a specific unit, we will do our best to place you in that unit. If you’re not sure what unit most interests you, or if you have no preference, we will place you according to our needs at the time you apply. You can find a complete listing of our units and a description of our work here.
    • If you are a non-legal intern or volunteer interested in Development, IT or Administration, you can include your area of interest on our online application and our hiring manager can then discuss the possible opportunities within the department you requested.
  • What responsibilities will my internship or volunteer position include?
    • The opportunities available through your internship or volunteer position will vary according to the unit or department that you are assigned to. We can make reasonable attempts to tailor your position to accommodate your interests, and we will of course take into account any academic requirements if your internship seeks academic credit.
  • How long will my internship or volunteer position last with Community Legal Services?
    • The length of your internship or volunteer position can and will vary.  Determining the length of your internship or volunteer position will be discussed collectively between you and your supervisor at CLS, or according to any academic requirements.
  • Does CLS offer paid internships?
    • Unfortunately, due to limited funding, CLS is unable to offer paid internships. However, we often host students who are able to obtain funding through work study, or other outside third party funding.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Brenda Marrero, Deputy Director of Operations.

Click here to read our Diversity & Inclusion Committee mission statement.