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Aging and Disabilities Unit

Amy Hirsch - Managing Attorney
Samuel Brooks - Staff Attorney
Hannah Diamond - Paralegal
Pam Walz - Supervising Attorney

Employment Law

Sharon Dietrich - Litigation Director and Managing Attorney
Janet Ginzberg - Senior Attorney
Jamie Gullen - Staff Attorney
Nadia Hewka - Staff Attorney
Michael Hollander - Staff Attorney
Brendan Lynch - Staff Attorney
Seth Lyons - Berkeley Law Public Interest Fellow
Sherlyn Martinez - Paralegal

Energy & Utilities Law

Robert Ballenger - Unit Head
Josie B.H. Pickens - Unit Head
Phil Bertocci - Supervising Attorney
Renee Bryant - Paralegal
George Gould - Senior Attorney
Joline Price - Staff Attorney
Beverly Williams - Paralegal

Family Advocacy

Kathleen Creamer - Managing Attorney
Wesley Allen - Senior Attorney
Ron Ayler - Social Worker
Caroline Buck - Langer, Grogan and Diver Fellow in Social Justice
Alex Dutton - Staff Attorney
William Gibbons - Senior Attorney
Deborah Holden - Technical Assistant
Beth Larin - Staff Attorney
Maggie Potter - Social Worker
Lili Smack - Paralegal
Belle Tilson - Paralegal

Homeownership and Consumer Law

Michael Froehlich - Managing Attorney
Michelle Brix - Paralegal
Anthony Hawkins - Paralegal
Rachel Labush - Staff Attorney
Catherine Martin - ABA Section of Taxation Christine A. Brunswick Public Interest Fellow
Gigi Nikpour - Paralegal
Michael Ruffin - Paralegal
Peter Schneider - Supervising Attorney
Jennifer Schultz - Supervising Attorney
Jonathan Sgro - Skadden Fellow
Kerry E. Smith - Staff Attorney
Thu Tran - Senior Staff Attorney
Montgomery L. Wilson - Senior Attorney

Housing Law

Rasheedah Phillips - Managing Attorney
Anthony Abata - Paralegal
Abigail Agpaoa - Paralegal
Mike Carroll - Senior Attorney
Ian Charlton - Independence Fellow
Jenna Collins - Staff Attorney
Rachel Garland - Staff Attorney
Naquiesha Harris - Paralegal
Noé Hernández - Senior Paralegal
R. Barrett Marshall - Staff Attorney
Travis Mason - Paralegal
David Wengert - Social Worker

Public Benefits & Welfare Law

Public Benefits & Welfare Law - Center City Office

Kristen Dama - Managing Attorney - SSI Unit
Jennifer Burdick - Supervising Attorney/Duffy Fellow
Leia Gonzalez - Paralegal
Lydia Gottesfeld - Staff Attorney
Claire Grandison - Independence Foundation Fellow
Dacil Keo - Paralegal
Jonathan Stein - General Counsel
Chi-Ser Tran - Staff Attorney
Richard Weishaupt - Senior Attorney

Public Benefits & Welfare Law - North Philadelphia Law Center

Amy Hirsch - Managing Attorney
Maribel Aviles - Paralegal
Lauren Davis - Paralegal
Louise Hayes - Supervising Attorney
Patty McGlone - Social Worker and Community Education Coordinator
Leanette Ortiz - Paralegal
Maripat Pileggi - Staff Attorney
Maria Pulzetti - Staff Attorney

Intake - North Philadelphia Law Center

Esther Alvarez - Paralegal
Alonso Arguedas - Paralegal
Lillian Diaz - Paralegal
Robert Lukens - Supervising Attorney

Youth Justice Project

Claire Grandison - Independence Foundation Fellow
Jamie Gullen - Staff Attorney
Whiquitta Tobar - Stoneleigh Fellow