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Our Impact

Our Impact

Like far too many youth aging out of foster care, Ryan was homeless. He was working hard to find a job when he learned he had a bench warrant for a retail theft citation issued to him when he was just 12 years old. He never received the notice for court because his family was homeless at the time. This bench warrant was standing in the way of Ryan getting a job and an education. That's when CLS stepped in.

CLS' Employment Unit has represented hundreds of restaurant workers over the years, recovering stolen wages and enforcing labor laws.

Capreece Lackey finally got her pardon in June 2013 and her record has been expunged to a clean one, giving her a fresh start.

Community Legal Services regularly assists clients who face housing instability due to discrimination based on past incidents of domestic or sexual violence, and advocates on their behalf to extend their housing rights and offer them protection.

Nathaneal, a restaurant worker, was a victim of wage theft. CLS helped Nathaneal stand up for himself and get the money he was owed.

Rose Candelario and her husband, Raleigh Blythe, were shocked to find their house on a list of foreclosures- particularly since they had been making regular payments to their mortgage. Having known people who were helped by CLS in the past, Mrs. Candelario turned to CLS for help.

CLS's work with immigrants, including those who are undocumented, prevents exploitation, lifts people out of poverty, and allows our clients to have a fair chance at accessing justice. CLS regularly represents immigrant clients and we advocate on behalf immigrant and refugee communities in a number of ways.

In 2014, CLS worked to break down employment barriers for more than 1,200 people with criminal records and advocated at all levels for criminal justice reform.

Mr. M contacted Community Legal Services' Housing Hotline, frantic that he and his four children would be homeless. CLS Paralegal Heather Hulit took on his case and was able to provide Mr. M and his family with the secure housing situation that they deserve.

When low-income Philadelphians are threatened with homelessness, Community Legal Services (CLS) tackles tough issues to give our clients a safe place to live. CLS works to prevent many of the causes of homelessness, stabilizing neighborhoods and saving money for the City. It can cost up to $60,000 to put up a family in a shelter, but CLS’ work to keep a family in their home is a fraction of that cost.

Community Legal Services has a proven track record of helping low-income families access significant public benefits that help them feed, house and get medical care for their children.

Cheryl Springs had been paying her rent for years and had the receipts to prove it. She was shocked when she began to receive eviction notices alleging that she owed $1,400 for rent and water bills. Ms. Springs knew she had to find a way to save her family from wrongful eviction.

Having stable and reliable health insurance has made all the difference in Sarah’s life. “I don’t get many sickle cell crises because I’m able to control it. I have a better grip on my sickle cell, and now it’s well managed."

CLS works with veterans and their families to ensure proper access to and proper payment of benefits. CLS can also help veterans navigate the VA so that they may overcome obstacles to direct services, such as housing support and education.

Billie Washington, a former home care attendant, was no longer able to work due to her rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other illnesses. When she found out that General Assistance was being eliminated, she turned to Community Legal Services for help and attorney Michael Froehlich took up her case.